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“Captivating hearts with their creativity, variety, and infectious stage presence, Maria and Henry are a musical duo like no other.”


Maria and Henry Flurry of Stick and Tones have performed in concert halls, schools, libraries, congregations, and with orchestras across the United States for two decades.

Maria plays percussion: anything you can tap, scrape, or shake (including water!) and melodious percussion like marimba and vibraphone. Henry plays piano and guitar.


Both compose originals for their shows and in workshops with any age.

Together, they delight in harnessing their classical training to study the music of the world and bring it to audiences of all ages.

Sticks and Tones is a proud Program Facilitator of The Percussion Marketing Council, which generously helps sponsor our school and library programs. Maria is an Endorsed Artist with Black Swamp Percussion. Henry is an award-winning composer.

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2024 Library


The Quest for the Lost Book of Tales is our newest show, designed for the 2024 Summer Reading Program theme, The Adventure Begins at Your Library.

Embark with Sticks and Tones on this musical Quest to find the "Book of Tales" and restore fables and enchantment to the realm of Literaria!


This interactive, captivating journey combines storytelling and music, highlighting the wonders of reading and teamwork for young adventurers.

"The children are still talking about the great time they had!"

Mary Ridge, Librarian Ash Fork Public Library


From Bach to Blues

For Youth to Seniors Length: 60 or 90 minutes 


The listener journeys with Henry and Maria from “Ave Maria” and “The Swan” to Spain, India, New Orleans, and even Henry’s original composition about dear Jasmine the cat and her antics in the picture window of the Flurrys’ living room.

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Compose a Movie Theme

For Early Elementary to Adults: 2 Hours or Residencies


Sticks and Tones offers an interactive music composition workshop designed to educate and inspire participants, ranging from students to seniors. The workshop introduces attendees to the fundamental elements of orchestral music, including rhythm, harmony, melody, instruments, and more subtle details. After exploring how composers utilize these elements to create music, various tips and tricks are shared, inviting participants to co-compose a piece of music.


The team translates the group’s collective musical ideas into a real-time, full orchestral score projected on a screen, providing an opportunity for attendees to see and hear their own compositions come to life instantly. To deepen the experience, the program may include thematically connected educational field trips that enrich the music composition process. Ultimately, the final compositions are refined into scores and video recordings that can be uploaded to websites. These workshops have been used by Arizona Philharmonic and Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra as collaborative opportunities resulting in live performances of the student compositions.



This is a powerful learning experience for the kids!

Roberta Schamber

5th Grade Teacher

Sticks and Tones performed at Black Canyon City Library for Summer Reading and was a hit! The show was entertaining, engaging and informative. Each child was able to play an instrument, 'spin' the wheel and learn how to 'Build a Better World'. I would highly recommend this program for a school or library. We hope to have them back!

Christina Cooper

Youth Librarian

Entertaining, moving, and joyful concerts … Both Henry and Maria have a refreshing and engaging manner with audiences of all ages and stages.

Kellie Walker

Music Minister

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Upcoming Performances





406 Arena Drive, Prescott, AZ 86301 • +1-928-533-3525

Video samples are available upon request.
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